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It’s Wednesday- it’s the middle of the week- for most, this is the worst day for cooking.  You know that you’ve got 2 more days until Friday and 2 more meals that need to be ‘weekday’ meals, so what should you do?  Put a little fun into the night!  Mid-week prime time TV hasn’t been very interesting so maybe it’s time to surf through your netflix que or to hit up the Redbox and get a new release, but either way you slice it- it sounds like a pizza night!

Ordering pizza can get VERY expensive.  Even with the deals at the dominos web-site you are still looking at a $30 tab for a large pizza, bread sticks, soda, and some lava cakes (mmmmmm- lava cake).  A brilliant way to minimize the cost is to do a semi-homemade pizza.  At the grocery store, you can usually find a deal of some sort on frozen pizzas or even get a 3 pack for around $10 at one of the box stores.  BUT- you want that supreme pizza, you say?

The addition of toppings to a frozen pizza is one of the best ways to get creative and also feel a bit decadent for under $20.  Look through your fridge and freezer, you have many more toppings in there than you think.  You can use that leftover chicken from the other night, or you can add some extra cheese to your pie, or you can thaw out some of those frozen vegi’s in the freezer- the only limit is your imagination and what you have in the refrigerator.  If you had already planned the pizza night into your shopping budget, then it is pretty inexpensive to get a pack of pepperoni at the grocery store and throw some on to the frozen cheese pizza and make everyone happy!  One of the key elements to living on a budget and not getting stuck in a rut is being open to trying new things.  Go crazy, open a can of pineapples, maybe a tin of spam (not as nasty as has been widely reported 😉 ), and go to town- happy innovating!