Since 2009, I’ve found myself in the same boat as millions of formerly middle class Americans- in need of adjusting my tastes and budget to fit a new reality in which I have a limited income.  I’ve decided to document the tricks, tips, and ideas that keep my caviar tastes satisfied on the ramen budget that I have.

Until the beginning of August, I had been trying to make it work up in Washington, DC, but I had to give up the ghost and get out of town with my two little feline fluff-balls.  I’ve since moved in with some INCREDIBLY good friends who shall hence forth be referred to as Mr. D and Mrs. D and their adorable puppy- Doggy D.  My luck has been incredible in this crazy mixed up world, with friends who gladly opened their home up to me knowing full well that I don’t have much of an income and may not be able to help out that much.  So, until things stabilize for me my wonderful mother has been supporting me, hence the need for some strategic budgeting.

The more that I’ve thought about the fact that I’m no longer a denizen of the middle class has clarified for me that I’m not the only one in this situation.  This blog will be a record of my experiences making a budget work and also trying to still be young and have some fun at the same time!  Enjoy!


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